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The USS Grunion (SS-216) was commissioned April 11, 1942 and began her first war patrol off the Aleutian Islands where she sank two enemy patrol boats before being sunk by her own torpedo during an attack on a Japanese merchant ship.

USS Grunion Bow Discovered
3D Image of USS Grunion Created by Lost52 Project
USS Grunion
Somar Image of USS Grunion's Bow

2007 Abele Expedition:

In 2007, the stern of the USS Grunion was discovered. This expedition was led by the sons of the USS Grunion's commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Mannert L. Abele. For more information on the original expedition visit Grunion Mystery Solved

2018 STEP Expedition:

The 2018 STEP funded expedition located the bow section of USS Grunion down a steep volcanic embankment, about a quarter mile (0.4 kilometers) from the main wreckage.

For more information on the USS Grunion visit CBS News, FOX News, CNN, and Lost 52 Project.

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